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Dedicated Property Management teams are assigned to each landlord and oversee the entire process, so they are your only source of information and advice.

Our Client Support Team is responsible for all host-related issues. It does not matter whether you need assistance with an Owner Stay or would like an explanation of a Monthly Statement, the team is available to assist you.

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Making living spaces affordable

property management

We offer landlords a range of property management services including marketing, furnishing, decorating, tenancy support, and maintenance under one roof. Whether it is a small issue such as a leaky tap or a loose fitting, or something more serious such as a rental default, our team of dedicated professionals can provide efficient and cost-effective assistance.

Real Estate Brokerage

We manage the investment portfolios of single-property or multisite landlords, ensuring both a smooth turnover of tenants and a stable rental income. This allows landlords to delegate all day-to-day management of their properties and enjoy the benefits of a worry-free investment.